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Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ (VTPO)


In 2007 following a visit to Ian Mcleans magnifcent Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ ('Ruby') in QLD, and Owen Jones's mighty VTPO in Canberra, I decided to persue the concept of building and installing a VTPO in my home here in Melbourne.  With the assistance and advice from a good number of people, the project was in most, completed early 2014.  Though only really taking 5 years to design and build, the total project from concept to reality was a 7 year undertaking.  


The completed instrument is a 3/32 VTPO with 24 channels of audio and a 7' accoustic grand piano. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further details on the instrument and the project itself.























I have had over 20 years experience in the Music Industry along with 'Music Direction' in various Church denominations specialising in providing the right musical and Audio Visual solution to suit the needs of the Church musicians and music program.  This can vary from traditional styles through to contemporary styles of music.  For further details, please contact me directly.


Further to my role as City Organist for the City of Kingston (Melbourne), and as an active member of the Theatre Organ Society of Australia, I am extensively involved in the upkeep & ongoing maintenance of the Kingston 4/21 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ Moorabbin,

& the Baycourt 2/10 Wurlitzer Pipe Organ upgrade program, Tauranga, New Zealand.  In addition to these 2 instruments, I Project Managed the 3 year refurbishment program (2007-2010) for the Theatre Organ Society's (Vic) 3/16 Rank Wurlitzer Pipe Organ at the Dendy Cinema Brighton.  


Both the Kingston & Dendy Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organs are heritage listed instruments with The National Trust Victoria & Australia. 











The 3 manual Kimball Console that controls my 32 rank VTPO.
Kingston 4/21 Style 270SP Wurlitzer - Opus 1987
Dendy 3/16 Style 260 Wurlitzer - Opus 637
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